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Our Story

C.A.M.C. Security Ltd. founded in 2017 by Catalin C. Azzopardi with the intent to offer security services on a higher level and introduce new security concepts to the Maltese Islands. We are a family run business and our passion towards the security industry is so immense that we have exceeded every client’s expectation ever since our first day. We believe in client satisfaction and return on investment in a way that the client gets what he is paying for and more. Our mission is not just to provide personnel; it goes beyond simply providing a high standard of security services.

C.A.M.C. Security Ltd. offers an A-to-Z service, from logistics to operational planning, to finally provide the best people fit for the job at hand. We take pride in providing the latest practical solutions and experienced advice for our clients to help them be prepared for all possible security scenarios. Our mission is to commit to providing tailormade security strategies, by providing our expertise in threatening identification and mitigation. We seek to ensure that no details are overlooked to create the utility requested by our clients. At C.A.M.C. Security Ltd. we make sure to offer provision of security guards on a high and professional level by carefully choosing our staff based on their level of professionalism, mannerism, aptitude, and skills. They also undergo a complete background check.

Being that the company director (Catalin C. Azzopardi) worked with several already established security companies, helped him understand that security personnel need to be treated better, with better working conditions and renumeration in order to offer better services to all our clients. Studies show that employees that are paid more tend to offer better results and provide better service and professionalism due to their renumeration packages. This is what C.A.M.C. Security Ltd believes in and therefore this is what we will continue doing. We firmly believe that in order to get a good return on investment, employees should be treated with dignity, respect and good wage. We have established ourselves to pay all our employees the highest rates in Malta, hence we have a waiting list of people that showed interest in working with us. This means that shall the service be needed urgently; our security guards can be called for immediate employment and immediate start. Having said this, our rates are very competitive and our performance remains above the rest and the service offered is of the highest quality and level. We are simply committed to provide good service that has been long missing in the industry. One of our mission is to improve the general mentality about security in Malta.

C.A.M.C. Security Ltd. first concept introduce was challenging since the importance of security in weddings was not being given the importance needed. Meeting and explaining to hundreds of people, showed us that when you speak to the general public, they tend to understand the reasoning behind having a security included as a vital service provider in weddings. Our efforts and success rate quickly become famous with new couples, wedding suppliers, wedding organizers and other businesses in the wedding sector which gradually gained us popularity and we gained the title of the leading security company in this industry with an average of 18 weddings weekly during high season.
The decision to enter the wedding industry was taken to start gaining popularity within the general public but this soon led to the attention of business owners and entrepreneurs.

Our business plan was clear from the very first day and we were more than ready to start accepting and handling bigger demands in providing our services for various needs such as open concerts, calendar events such as Isle of MTV and Tomorrowland, churches, jewelry shops, business centers and more.

We value all our clients and make sure to give the best service on the island by offering our 24/7 control room assistance and weekly meetings with the director in order to maintain stability and continuity throughout the whole contract terms.

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